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Wetland Creation

National Environmental Policy Act

NEPA Services - Environmental Assessments (EA)

  NEPA Project  Examples

  • EA, Construction of Contingency Response Wing Facilities, Travis AFB, CA

  • EA, Construction of a Humanitarian Demining Center & Army School at Fort Lee, VA

  • EA, Air Force Tethered Aerostat Radar System Sites, Morgan City, LA and Matagorda, TX

  • EA, Acquisition of 16.9 Acres, Creech AFB, Indian Springs, NV

  • EA, Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Defense System, BLM Battle Mountain District, NV

  • EA, Replacement of the boiler plants, Sheridan Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), WY

  • EA, Replacement of a water control structure and culvert at Fort Devens, MA

  • EA, Forest Management Plan at the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation, Concho, OK

  • Programmatic EA, National Guard Bureau, Nationwide Youth Activities Programs, Pentagon

  • EA, Family Housing privatization at NAS Pensacola, FL

  • EA, Family Housing privatization at NAVSTA Great Lakes, IL

  • EA, Construction of a new Training Area at Pelham Range, Fort McClellan, AL

  • EA, Construction of an Army Reserve Center at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN

  • EA, INRMP, Camp Adair Training Site at Camp Adair, OR

  • EA for the INRMP, Camp Rilea Training Site at Camp Rilea, OR

  • EA, Biak Training Center, OR

  • EA, 8 VA Medical Centers (VAMC) in MI; IN

  • Programmatic EA, Farming & Grazing Leases, BIA, Pawnee Agency, OK

  • Programmatic EA, Oil & Gas Leases, BIA, Pawnee Agency, OK

  • Programmatic EAs, BIA, Concho  & Anadarko Agencies in OK for Oil & Gas Lease Approvals

  • Programmatic EAs for 5 Pueblos in NM: Acoma, Isleta, Laguna, Jemez, and Zia Indian Reservations (BIA Southern Pueblos Agency)

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